• Premier album de Ahdegma

    Premier album de Ahdegma

    "The release of the debut album of AHPDEGMA of the Japanese A∴A∴A∴A∴ collective (Arkha Sva, Avsolutized, etc),
    which by now has now been publically unveiled to work in conspiracy with Vordb Dréagvor Uèzréèvb, draws closer every day.

    We have been asked time and time again since we unveiled that we would release this album for pre-orders,
    which we still will not be accepting for the time being.
    Should this change for some reason, we will make sure to properly announce it through the usual channels, such as this.

    It will be presented on a 12" LP limited to 200 hand-numbered copies containing IX songs conjured from the twisted minds of A∴A∴A∴A∴,
    purely focused on Death & Darkness. No re-presses, no other issues on any other formats.

    I of the IX song from the album can be heard HERE, although the entirety of the album as one consistent flow makes much more sense.

    Distributors are welcomed to get in touch as soon as possible before all copies are spoken for at: order[at]astraltemple(dot)org"


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